Daily menu


Monday 19. 8.
Carrot & lentil soup / mixed leaf salad
Fresh lettuce, grilled camembert, honey 105,-
Chicken katsu curry, rice 115,-
Gnocchi, pork tenderloin, sage, baby spinach 125,-

Tuesday 20. 8.
Cream of celery soup / mixed leaf salad
Braised pork belly in soy sauce, spring onions, cabbage,
egg noodles 105,-
Pasta salad, pulled codfish, lemon mayo, green peas, mint 115,-
Chiken burger, balkan cheese, our french fries 125,-

Wednesdy 21. 8.
Garlic soup / mixed leaf salad
Mexican beans, jalapenos, corn, fresh salad, tortilla chips 95,-
Creamy chicken, couscous 105,-
BBQ pork ribs, baked potatoes 130,-

Thursday 22. 8.
Asian soup with egg / mixed leaf salad
Fresh lettuce with barley, beetroot, watercress, poached egg 95,-
Kale gratin with our bacon, potato chips 105,-
Honey chicken, ginger, sesame seeds, chilli, rice with broccoli 120,-

Friday 23. 8.
Potato soup / mixed leaf salad
Salad leafs, egg barley, watermelon, lemon ricotta, radishes 95,-
Penne, chicken, cherry tomatotes, basil 115,-
Pork shoulder schnitzel, roasted potatoes with onions 120,-

Seasonal apple cider on tap 0.3 L / 40,-
Glass of our soda 30,-


vegetarian meal