Daily menu


Monday 15. 7.
Creamy sweetcorn soup with chilli / mixed leaf salad
Grilled pork liver, our french fries, whole grain mustard dip 95,-
Penne with tomatoes, garlic, basil, parmigiano 105,-
Herbed chicken strips, boiled potatoes with butter, cucumber salad 115,-

Tuesday 16. 7.
Lentil soup / mixed leaf salad
Podzámecké dumplings with curd cheese and apricots 95,-
Tempura cauliflower and zucchini, baked potatoes, our tartare sauce 105,-
Meatloaf balls, tomato sauce, rice 115,-

Wednesday 17. 7.
Tomato soup with cheese / mixed leaf salad
Couscous with grilled vegetables, confit egg yolk 105,-
Chicken pasta salad, american salsa 110,-
Roast pork, red cabbage, potato dumplings 120,-

Thursday 18. 7.
Kulajda soup with egg / mixed leaf salad
Baked broccoli, tomatoes, potato chips, side salad 95,-
Fish nugetts with veggies, white and sweet potato mash 110,-
Chicken paprikash, bread dumplings 115,-

Friday 19. 7.
French onion soup / mixed leaf salad
Creamy mushroom tagliatelle, parsley 95,-
Bacon and sage slow roasted pork shoulder, smashed potato with onion 120,-
Fresh salad, roasted chicken breast, grilled vegetables, olives, baguette 125,-

Seasonal apple cider on tap 0.3 L / 40,-
Glass of our soda 30,-


vegetarian meal