Daily menu


Monday 9. 9.
Mexican Posole soup / mixed leaf salad
Fried cauliflower Gobi Manchurian, naan bread 95,-
Chicken breast Sous-vide, baked paprika sauce, bulgur 110,-
Pork neck roulade, bacon, onion soup, our french fries 120,-

Tuesday 10. 9.
Creamy chicken and mushroom soup / mixed leaf salad
Vegetables in beer batter tempura, fresh salad 105,-
Chicken Vindaloo, rice 115,-
Baked pork meatballs, beetroot & onion salad 120,-

Wednesday 11. 9.
Bean soup / mixed leaf salad
Fried cheese variation, fresh salad 105,-
Thai chicken green curry, ginger rice 120,-
Baked pork cutlets, podzámecké potato chips 125,-

Thursday 12. 9.
Goulash soup / mixed leaf salad
Hummus, falafel, fresh salad, mint dip 100,-
London’s „fish and chips“, tartare sauce 115,-
Beer braised pork shoulder, garlic, rosemary, carlsbad dumplings 120,-

Friday 13. 9.
Cabbage soup / mixed leaf salad
Spaghetti all´arrabbiata, parmigiano 105,-
Sesame chicken stir fry, honey, lemon, ginger, couscous 110,-
Herb crumbed chicken schnitzel, baked potatoes with garlic 125,-

Seasonal apple cider on tap 0.3 L / 40,-
Glass of our soda 30,-

                                                                                                                                                                                                          vegetarian meal